Oblik Studio Is Awarded as a Top Web and Graphic Design Company

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Joro Yordanov
Partner & Design Director

We were awarded as one of the top design providers and B2B companies by Clutch.co. Most successful businesses have opted for investment in B2B providers in recent years, which is why it is essential that you pick the best one.

Our result-driven UX, design, and web development approach is verified as successful by 10+ excellent 5.0-star reviews from some of our satisfied partners.

Clutch has a team of analysts that take the time to independently verify each and every review they conduct from clients around the globe. When you’re looking to hire your next B2B service provider, Clutch is the premier ratings and review site.

In a recent review, the co-founder and chair of the board of Fine Acts, a civic and social organization, praised the website that we created that showcased the performing arts company's activities that year. We presented a few concepts and different UX approaches before prototyping and designing the live website.

"They were very quick, organized and prompt in completing the project."

Another one of our partners, a project lead at a web development company, for which we have designed the user experience and user interface summarizes:

"We were honestly beyond satisfied."

For another project, a newly starting tech product company, we designed a visual identity and branding and received the following feedback from one of the co-founders:

"The quality of the delivered materials and overall understanding of our vision about the product were outstanding."

The founder of a popular NGO for our user experience input on their web platform says:

“The work delivered by Oblik Studio was incredibly high quality and always finished on schedule, playing a critical role in the development of the final platform. Their team is organized and communicative, and always prioritizes their connection to the core business goals of their client.”

Make sure to read more about what our partners say about us, our processes, and the work we deliver.

Thanks to our partners for the chance to shape amazing digital experiences!


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