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BetaPeak is a development agency that helps entrepreneurs by building technical MVP solutions

Project Details

BetaPeak had the need for a design partner to solidify their position as a proficient team in building minimum viable products. After our close collaboration on the project, we managed to complete the goal of clearer and easier communication of their skills in helping brands validate technical product ideas through rapid development iterations. The goal was met by evolving their logotype, branding, identity and website design.




  • Branding & Identity
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Visual Design


  • Desktop UI
  • Mobile UI
  • Stationary Design
  • Guidelines


Logo Design

The symbol is made of the letters P and B, intertwined in a shape that forms a peak on the top. The vivid colors make the symbol modern and eye-catching.

The symbol is very detailed and multicolored, so a sans-serif geometric typography with a more neutral color was needed in order to balance the whole logo.

Unlike the symbol for the web site, the symbol for print has to be without gradients and effects in order to come out better on print materials.

Brand Guidelines

To keep the brand consistent and help the BetaPeak team be on the same page, we designed a brand guidelines book. This is the ultimate source of truth of the brand which includes logo lockup, color palettes for print and digital, typography, imagery and shapes use and brand tone.

Brand guidelines are crucial to establishing a recognisable brand and maintaining a strong presence of the company.

Color Palette

The color palette is heavy on blue colors to present the brand as a trustful and reliable. The nuances are combined—we have youthful and more mature colors, reflecting the gravity of BetaPeak and the unhackneyed new products they help.

All colors were tested for their contrast ratios to make sure the texts will always be readable.


Gilroy is a modern sans serif with a geometric touch that is rich in font weights. We decided to go with it because it just feels right. You can’t go wrong with a geometric sans serif for a technology project.

We didn’t want to mix it up with a secondary typeface, instead, we used multiple weights to build a proper hierarchy while keeping everything organized.


The website combines all visual elements of the brand and presents BetaPeak and their projects. It’s playful and at the same time serious with the main goal of inform people about the offered services.


The shapes are shattered circles that (like the logo) form peaks and rounded corners. They can be used in all kinds of compositions like the ones shown in the brandbook. They could have a solid color, a stroke, or can even be used as a frame for images.


We designed a few reusable project presentation components with predefined layout and mockups where stakeholders could easily add different screenshots from projects.

These modular components were implemented in the system back-end.

This way it's super easy for stakeholders to create beautiful and coherent presentations within the company’s style without the need of designers’ input.

"Working with Oblik Studio has been an absolute breeze!

From the thorough and personable communication in clarifying all the project specifications to the outstanding feedback loop they provide, our journey could not have been smoother.

Our long-awaited brand redesign came out absolutely perfect and we could not be happier with Oblik's professionalism - strongly recommended!"

Yasen Slavov

General Manager


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