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Experts in creating high-performing formulas that actually work. Proven beauty care professionals.

Project Details

Ikarov is synonymous with quality natural care around the world. Their mission is to produce affordable natural cosmetics from carefully selected high-quality raw materials, where the added value lies in the technological knowledge and the effective combination of ingredients. The positive image of the brand as an expert in natural cosmetics is rooted in years of proven experience in creating blends of top-quality pure materials with a guaranteed origin.




  • Art Direction
  • Product Packaging Design
  • Stationery Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Prepress
  • Copywriting
  • Website


  • Branding & Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Product Packaging
  • Brand Tone of Voice Guidelines
  • Stationery Materials
  • Website Design
  • Website Development


Logo Design

The main logotype symbol is a drop visualizing the purity and the natural origins of the products produced and offered by Ikarov.

The typeface and the colors of the logotype are inspired by the fertile earth and its ability to be firm and at the same time soft, life-giving, and pure. To affirm it, the logo comes with a tagline that states the 100% plant origin of Ikarov’s products.


The transitional, elegant Warnock Pro gives the brand a feeling of purity and being down to earth but at the same time indicates the elegancе and professionalism of Ikarov.

It is accompanied by the sans-serif Futura PT. They form a combination of trust, character, and purity. 

Having the two font families in the brand helped us design the great variety of packaging, website and communicational materials. The combination offers a lot of flexibility but not compromising consistency and patterns.

Corporate Colors

One of the foundations of any visual identity is the color palette, which is used in all of the visual materials to make the brand easily recognizable by the end user. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the colors in the brand palette, creamy and light, create a sense of delicacy, tenderness, and finesse.

Corporate Materials

As this was a significant rebranding affecting all materials, we had the task to redesign all corporate materials and design new ones including business cards, paper templates, presentation templates, envelopes, and others.

They are all reflecting the nature of the brand, allowing them to visually stand out.


We designed product packaging for 6 product series with a total of more than 50 products of Ikarov. We succeeded by visually separating the series by building a color system.
Each series has its own key visual, reflecting the purpose of the products in it, and a key illustration.

All of the packaging designs were printed in large circulations and we did all of the prepress work for them. Also, we went to the printing house every time there were new packagings printed to make sure everything was coming out with the best quality possible.

Promo Packaging

Botanical Face Care Series is the star of the portfolio. It is characterized by the content of the unique Bulgarian Rosa Damascena. The Promo Packaging is a special two-step care set containing cleansing oil and a special product for a certain type of skin. The die-cut in the center helps the end user to take a peek at the products inside.


The sachets contain 8 of the 10 products from the Botanical Face Care series and they are for free giveaways for the clients to try before buying.


The Leporello leaflets are placed inside the secondary packaging and their purpose is to provide the end user with more detailed information about a certain product.

Product Series

The product series categorize the products by their different purposes. We had the task to capture all of their essences and visualize them in the form of a key visual and key illustration for every one of them. 

The series categorize the products by their different purposes, their application, and ingredients. We had the task to capture all of their essences and visually distinguish them from one another but keep the consistency of the brand. We achieved this by utilizing the color system and also by designing a unique key visual and illustration for every series and product.

Botanical Face Care is characterized by the content of the unique Bulgarian organic rose oil and rose absolute from Rosa Damascena, renowned for its regenerating and anti-aging properties.

Botanical Pure Oils is a special selection of pure carrier and organic oils for multipurpose use, enriched with vitamins and natural antioxidants. The products are hypoallergenic and appropriate for people with sensitive skin.

Botanical Slim Care series is created from 100% pure, natural and highly effective oils smoothing the body contours and shaping the silhouette.

Botanical Mum and Baby Care contains only organically certified quality ingredients in order to provide reliable and completely safe natural care for a mother and her baby. The products can be used from the first day of pregnancy and after birth.

Boxes Breakdown

Boxes must contain all of the information that could be useful and helpful to the buyer, push the brand and make it memorable, and most importantly - sell.

We managed to achieve all of them by utilizing the color system and the flexible type families. We also designed claims and unique illustrations for every single product. 

To keep everything organized and consistent, we created packaging guidelines that you can read below.

Product Colors

To make the different series more recognizable and distinctive from the Botanicals one, each one of them has a different color palette, creating an associative connection with plants and nature. For example, Botanical Face Care is in the pink range, reminiscent of the gentle Rose Damascena, which is also one of the main ingredients in the products.

Pad Shapes

While there are elements that remain almost the same in the way information is structured among the different panels, there are a few things that vary among the series. Aside from the different color palettes and illustrations for the series, we also designed different pads that drive the separation further but keep the series consistent and easily recognizable as a whole line of products.


After going through different explorations for the packaging design, we decided to use handcrafted linear illustrations that are visualizing the main ingredients of each product. We use this style to keep the pure and elegant feeling of the brand.


The claims are symbols that provide more information about the ingredients and the functions of each product to the end-user. In order to enhance the sense of dynamics and movement, the interior of the brand is in the color scheme of the series, and the periphery is represented by the color of the texts.

Product Catalogue

The catalog is a list of every Ikarov's product and it contains detailed information about each of the series. The bestseller product is accented on every left page.

Icons for Website

The selection of icons below indicates the applicability of the products to the individual parts of the body. The styling has delicate and oval lines that remind of the natural forms of the human body. The products are applied to the face, hair, body, lips, and hands.


We designed a B2B website using the elegance and the pureness of the brand. All key visuals, packaging, and illustrations are combined with smooth transitions, and a lot of white space to enhance the lightness. 

We designed all desktop and mobile screens and afterward, we developed the website.


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